Your Name
Which event did you go to?
How many hours did you attend the event?
Officer name that signed you off
Andrew SaadInduction1Andrew
Thomas WorleyInduction,Qualcomm proffesional talk,Bowling,Broken yolk,HTML 8Andrew,Andrew,Christian,Paul,Andrew
Elaine SilvermanInfo session 1Nathan
Jennifer MillerInfo session1LP
Kelly LevickInduction information session,Mini Musical Keyboard Workshop,Solar USB Charger Workshop5Nathan,Jahya Burke,Lorenzo
Aniket MathurInduction seminar ,Study session ,Paintball w/ TBP,Final study session Saturday 8Nathan,Paul,Andrew,Christian
Joshua wangInfo session1Andrew
Michael SmithInformation Meeting 1/301LP
Sothyrak SreyInfo Session,Build your own PC,Oscar Law Professional Development Workshop,HTML/CSS workshop6.5Paul,Samuel,Lucas,Andrew
Brendon HoInfo Session1Nathan
Andre ShahinianInfo session1Michelle R.
Edward LowellInfo Session1paul
Carl TanInfo session,Build a Computer,HTML/CSS Workshop,Oscar Law Professional Development Workshop5.5Richard,Sam,Lucas,Lucas
Sahir KochharInfo Session1Michelle R.
Luis CalonaInfo Session1Paul
JoseInfo session 1Paul
Rong XiArduino part 22Michael
Joseph KadifaPCB Arduino Workshop,Soldering Arduino Workshop,Soldering Workshop,Solar Panel USB Charger,Solar USB Workshop,Workshop,Solar Panel USB ,HKN Study Inn10.5Andrew,Nathan,Nathan,Andrew,Ashley,Andrew,Lorenzo
Haili CaiMusical keyboard 9Paul, Samuel
Patrick HayesBbq,Study-in,Study in4Michelle,Lucas,Christian
GeelingECE depth,HARD Hacks,BBQ Social,Northrop Gumman Tech Talk,Musical Keyboard,HTML, CSS Workshop,Solar charger workshop12Michael,Andrew,Andrew ,Andrew,Andrew,Lucas,Lorenzo
Joe WaynePaintball 2/252Andrew
Vy TonHTML & CSS 1Lucas
Ester ParkHKN Solar Charger ,Winter 2017 Coffee Hour week9,Winter 2017 finals study inn6.5Ashley ,Michael,Christian