HKN Staff Sign-Up

Introducing HKN Staff!

If you are interested in being more involved with HKN or looking for more opportunities to volunteer for our events, consider signing up to become an HKN Staff. Some things you could potentially help with include setting up, cleaning up, taking photos, providing rides, and mentoring. You could even host your own workshops if you would like to.

Additional perks include:
– Direct interaction with industry while volunteering for some events
– Collect points for volunteering
– Attend leadership workshop for HKN Staff
– Work closely with HKN Officers
– Be considered for the Staff-of-the-Year Award at the banquet
– Priority for events with limited resources (with sufficient points collected)
– Receive a T-shirt for your first workshop hosted
– HKN Swag (with sufficient points collected)
– Sign up and opt out at anytime

Note: you must be an HKN member to apply to join HKN Staff.