2015 – 2016

President – Joshua Ma
Joshua Ma is a current senior in electrical engineering with a focus in electronic circuits and systems. He decided to become an electrical engineer after he learned that a recreational beach major was not available in UCSD.

Vice President Internal – Spenser Cornett
My name is Spenser Cornett. I am a 4th year Computer Engineering major with a focus in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. When I’m not selling my soul to academics, I’m discussing life and the world with friends.

Vice President External – Oscar Guerrero
My name is Oscar and this is my last year as Electrical Engineering transfer student. My focus is Devices and Materials, but I have stemmed into seeing how these non-idealities affect circuits. My perfect date would be a beautiful walk through Costco, picking up samples, and ending at In N Out (because that’s what a hamburger’s all about).

Secretary – Claire Sun
Aichen (Claire) is a third year electrical engineering student planning to specialize in electronic circuits & systems and digital signal processing. In her free time, she enjoys exploring different types of things such as music, movies and art.

Treasurer – Gannon Geiserich
Gannon is a senior working on his electrical engineering BS in power electronics. He gets way too excited about activities outdoors and plans to get his masters abroad.

Publicity – Chris Galac
Hello, I’m Chris Galac, a fourth-year Computer Science undergraduate focusing on Artificial Intelligence. In my free time, I like to edit videos, hang out with friends, and discover new places.

Web Correspondent – Lucas Tindall
Hi, I’m Lucas, a third year Computer Engineering major with an interest in Artificial Intelligence. I also like to watch Netflix, read science fiction, and play video games late into the night.

Social Chair – Andrew Saad
My name is Andrew, and I am a Electrical Engineering undergraduate in my junior year at the University of California, San Diego. My depth is Machine learning, and circuit. I love photoshooting, surfing and cheese.

ECE Technical Chair – Lorenzo Page
I’m a third year undergraduate studying electrical engineering, with a focus in signal/image processing and machine learning. Though, I maintain a strong passion for physical computing and microcontrollers. When I have down time I head to the climbing gym or wade through my ever growing sci-fi book list.

CSE Technical Chair – Arvind Rao
Hello, I am 4th-year student in Computer Engineering and I plan on specializing in computer architecture in MS. In my free time I enjoy tutoring, running, and playing the piano.

Historian – Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez’s majors are electrical engineering and archaeological anthropology. She loves circuits, the Ancient Maya, and human bones. In her spare time, if she has any, she likes to swing dance, play video games, and relax with friends!

TESC Representative – Paul Yoon
Paul Yoon is a third year Electrical Engineering major who is planning on focusing on electronic circuits. In his free time he likes to lift weights, play piano, and game.

ECE Representative – Elbert He
I’m Bert, Senior Electrical Engineering student with focus in semiconductor and optics physics. I love playing tennis and the piano and can speak some Chinese and Japanese. Goal this year: get rid of my Freshman 15.

Project Lead and Head Tutor – Michael Unanian
My name is Michael and I am a third year in the Electrical Engineering major with a depth in Electronic Circuits and Systems. I enjoy tennis and basketball, but my true passion is skiing down snowy mountains.

2014 – 2015

President: Kriss Wilkerson

VP External: Kyle Gustafson

VP Internal: Spenser Cornett

Secretary: Josh Ma

Treasurer: Tim Dell

Head Tutor: Kyle Somers

Public Relations: Jack Li

Social Chair: Oscar Guerrero

TESC Representative: Vincent Yu

ECE Representative: Dennis Shen

CSE Representative: Joseph Luttrell

MAE Representative: Behnam Hedayat

NANO Representative: Melisa Averina

Web Correspondent: Arvind Rao