Induction Requirements


To officially induct into Eta Kappa Nu (Kappa Psi) as a University Student, one must:

  1. Receive an Email Invitation distinguishing student above the GPA Cutoff of Eligible Major (depending on GPA)
  2. Begin your induction process by attending an Info Session and filling the Induction Start form (information in Email Invitation).
  3. Be involved in the HKN Community by accumulating 10 HKN points
    1. Your 30 min 1:1 with your HKN Buddy counts as 1 point!
    2. One of your events must be a Professional Workshop: Interview or Resume Critique – these are to help prepare you professionally for the interview!
  4. Pass a ~1 hour long Formal Interview near the end of the induction cycle.
  5. Attend the HKN Induction Ceremony (this is mandatory for induction into HKN!).
  6. Pay $90 Membership Fee by the evening of the HKN Induction Ceremony.

Bolded terms are elaborated in Glossary section.

Look ahead with what to expect in the Timeline section.


Steps 1-4 of these must be completed by the Sunday night prior to the HKN Induction Ceremony, in order for the student to be officially invited to participate in the HKN Induction Ceremony.



An Induction Cycle spans 2 quarters. Each academic year, there are 2 Induction Cycles at UC San Diego.


Fall-Winter Cycle:


Week 1: Email Invitations go out, Inductee Info Session 1 is held. 

Week 2: Inductee Info Session 2 is held. 

Week 3: Buddies are assigned. 

Week 10: Scheduling for Interviews Sent out! 

Winter Break: Schedules for Interviews Sent out! 



Week 1-2: Formal Interviews

Week 3: Induction Ceremony



Winter-Spring Cycle:


Week 3: Email Invitations go out.

Week 4: Inductee Info Session 1 is held. 

Week 5: Inductee Info Session 2 is held. 

Week 6: Buddies are assigned. 

Week 10: Scheduling for Interviews Sent out! (You need at least 6 points to be considered for interviews)

Spring Break: Schedules for Interviews Sent Out! 



Week 1: Formal Interviews, 10 points due by Wednesday 11:59 pm of Week 2

Week 3: Induction Ceremony

(give or take a week) 




Email Invitation

Invitations are valid for the current academic year. Email invitations are sent once in Fall and once in Winter to all eligible students according to our cut offs. 


GPA Cutoff

    • Top 1/3 Seniors + Grad Students
    • Top 1/4 Junior Standing
    • Top 1/5 Sophomore Standing


Eligible Majors

    • ECE
    • CSE
    • BENG
    • MAE
    • DSC
    • MATH-CS
    • COGS-ML
    • NANO-EE



HKN Points

A point is roughly equivalent to 1 hour of event time. 

At an event, points are rounded to the nearest 1/2 hour, with a maximum of 2 points per event.

  • Minimum 10 points total
    • 1 point: Buddies 1:1 Chat – A casual get together with a current HKN Member.
      • Your HKN buddy should reach out, but if no response by week 5 or 6, inductee must report to officers to request a new buddy.
    • 9 Event Points
      • One event attended must be a Professional Development Workshop such as:
        • Resume Workshop
        • Interview Workshop
        • Elevator Pitch Workshop
      • Remaining can come from any mix of:
        • Info Sessions
        • Technical Workshops
        • Tech/Company Talks + Tours
        • Social Events
        • Professional Workshops
        • Outreach Trips
        • HRE/HNE
        • HARD Hack
        • Hosting a Workshop
        • Volunteering at HKN event


Formal Interview

35-40 minute interview consisting of a Behavioral and Technical section. 


Be prepared to conduct yourself professionally (dress and behaviorally). A resume will be required. 



We expect to be able to test on material up to and including those completed in the 2nd year Fall quarter of the student’s Eligible Major. We use the sample 4-year plan as our marker for the minimum coursework we expect. 


HKN Induction Ceremony

A ceremony declaring your membership into Eta Kappa Nu held at UC San Diego campus for an evening (as specified by Timeline / Inductee Calendar). Mandatory for official induction into HKN. 


Membership fee 

$90 Must be paid by the night of the Induction Ceremony. Covers ceremony, HKN+IEEE Membership, and Shirt costs. 



Want to join HKN but not a University student?
See the official guidelines for inducting as a Professional: HKN at UCSD will be able to host the Induction Ceremony to appoint any nominated faculty.

I’ve completed my requirements in the first cycle, but couldn’t complete my induction. Will my points carry over?
Yes! Points may be carried over to the next induction cycle if not complete first cycle. However, points get cleared after each academic year, and a new invitation will be needed.

Still have questions?

Read our FAQ or contact us.