ECE Outreach

Because of the ubiquity of electronics in music, this field can be used as an accessible, familiar reference point to teach high school students with no background in electronics the fundamentals of ECE. Our goal will be to form lessons around the use of electronics in the production, analyzation, and modification of sound waves, apply these lessons to projects in music, which can include keyboards, guitar pedals, microphones, audio spectrum analyzers, etc, and implement these lessons and projects in high schools and music shops around UCSD.

Our team is currently developing the curriculum for this outreach program and is looking out for more volunteers to help us out in future outreach events. If you are interested in learning more about the uses of electronics in music and teaching it to other students, please contact me at to get involved!


Our team:

Joel Bisarra

I am a 2nd-year electrical engineering student at UC San Diego. When studying the guitar in the past, I found myself more interested in fiddling with the knobs on the guitar pedals and amplifiers and learn how sound waves are manipulated by that. Part of my interest in electrical engineering and starting this program is trying to understand how these systems work and produce and manipulate these signals and teach other people for this field.

Samantha Long

Hello! I'm Samantha, a 2nd year Electrical Engineering major. I've always been fascinated with music and radio in particular paved a way for my interests in EE. I enjoy interacting with students and it excites me to inspire them to get into electronics through a fun avenue such as music. I personally love finding the connections between music and electronics, and I hope spread passion about this somewhat weird, niche, but incredibly fascinating intersection between sound and electronics.

Frank Ye

I am a computer engineer based in La Jolla, California. I am currently a senior at University of California, San Diego.
I believe in creating elegant software and hardware solutions to make our lives easier.
I am from Shanghai, China and I am fluent in Mandarin and English. I look forward to working with engineers with different backgrounds.
When I am not staring at a computer screen, you can probably find me on a tennis court, in the kitchen, on a hiking trail or on a road trip.