What is IEEE-HKN?

HKN is the official honors society for IEEE, the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

What does HKN do at UCSD?

HKN promotes academic excellence and professionalism of character among students at the Jacobs School of Engineering.  We develop students through tutoring, workshops, and mentoring.  Members enjoy development under our organization through networking, learning technical skills, and developing professionally.

We also provide free tutoring alongside ECE and other volunteer tutors at the IDEA Study Center on the 5th floor of Jacobs Hall (EBU1).

What benefits come from membership?

– Job opportunities only for HKN members.
– Alumni network and support
– Membership-only events
– Graduation stole and cord
– Access to HKN’s lounge
– One year of IEEE membership with induction
– Resume enhancement
– Mentoring
– Long lasting friendships with fellow members and alumni

I am a graduate student.  Can I induct into HKN?

Yes.  Any student currently enrolled in a program of study leading to the master’s or doctorate degree in a major under the ECE, CSE, MAE, or NANO departments, and has completed one full academic quarter at UC San Diego.

I am a faculty member.  Can I induct into HKN?

All faculty of the ECE, CSE, NANO, and MAE departments with the rank of Assistant Professor or higher are eligible for membership.

How do I complete my induction hours?

You can complete the hours required for induction by attending any HKN events, which can vary in time.

How do I sign up for my induction interview?

We will release a schedule of interview times to current candidates a few weeks before the induction ceremony.

If I cannot finish my points this cycle, what should I do?

You can complete your points next cycle. Generally, points from one cycle carry over to the next cycle only (not next next cycle).

Is there a resume book available for current HKN members?

There is no current resume book of active members available.  If interested in reaching out to our membership regarding outreach or job opportunities, please contact us at hkn.kappa.psi@gmail.com.

Can I induct in the next cycle instead if I haven’t completed the course requirement for my major?

You need to receive a new invitation email again in order to induct in a later cycle.

Do I need to attend the induction ceremony?

Yes! You will become an official member ONLY after you attend an induction ceremony. You could attend a ceremony at a different HKN chapter (with our approval) if you cannot make it to our induction ceremony date.

Do I get points for interviewing and attending the induction ceremony?


Can I interview before complete the required 10 points?

Yes. You need to complete the 10 points by the day of the induction ceremony. However, note that you need to complete 6 points by winter (fall-winter cycle) / spring break (winter-spring cycle) in order to be eligible for interviews.