CSE Outreach


Eta Kappa Nu’s Computer Science and Engineering Outreach Program serves as a platform for connecting local high school students with the technical expertise and developmental opportunities offered at UC San Diego. The initiative develops interactive online modules covering cutting-edge computer science topics to supplement high schools’ course material.

The outreach program is implemented via a fully-accredited, technical elective course (CSE 199), in which students develop projects on Stepik, an online platform tailored for next-generation educational techniques.



Currently, the outreach program has two projects:
1. Artificial Intelligence: Minimax – Build an AI bot that plays Tic-Tac-Toe (and never loses!).
2. Introduction to Computer Vision – Learn the fundamentals of how computers learn to recognize images.

Projects are designed to take one week (five days), with each part being fully self-contained. All questions and code are autograded, allowing quick implementation into high schools without prior training for educators.



Sabeel Mansuri (CSE Outreach Chair, Project Lead)
Niema Moshiri (Assistant Teaching Professor, Faculty Sponsor)

Hemanth Battu
Alex Fong
Tiffany Ho
Eric Xiao
Hannah Zhou

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