On behalf of University of California – San Diego, we would like to thank the following sponsors:

Would like to sponsor us? Please see the details below for the sponsorship packages we are offering this year.

How can you help?
Your role in supporting us will directly impact our ability to recognize and foster excellence in the Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD. In return, we offer to host events with your company along with positive media attention. Events with our organization allow you to attract the top engineering students, as well as reach out to the engineering community at UCSD.
  • Tech Talks with your engineers
  • Professional + Career Guidance/Development Workshops (Resume, Interview critique)
  • Information Sessions for your company
  • Recruiting Events
  • Company Tours
Your event(s) will be able to reach all UCSD students, as we are able to advertise with email announcements to all the engineering departments and social media that our students and members are active in. Additionally, we will gladly promote your company on our organization’s website: hkn.ucsd.edu.


Sponsorship Levels:

Promoter – $2,000+

  • This will help fund our larger events, such as ECE Day, Induction, and Alumni Brunch, in addition to the expenses mentioned in previous levels.
  • 3 Free Events (catering not included) or 2 Events with Catering
  • Sponsorship acknowledged at our major events: ECE Day, Induction, Alumni Brunch
  • Sponsorship from previous levels.

Advocate – $1,000

  • This will help fund our weekly public workshops, which develop technical and professional skills to 30-40 students a week, in addition to the expenses mentioned in previous levels.
  • 2 Free Events (catering not included) or 1 Event with Catering
  • Sponsorship acknowledged on our posters and flyers at publicity events: Engineers on the Green
  • Sponsorship from previous levels.

Supporter – $500

  • This will help fund our social events and maintenance of our student lounge to facilitate a tight community between our members.
  • 1 Free Event (catering not included)
  • Sponsorship acknowledged on our website: hkn.ucsd.edu
We would love to have you as a sponsor. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or comments!