Mission Statement

The objective of the Eta-Kappa-Nu (HKN) Outreach program is to bring hands-on engineering projects to underserved K-12 schools, and expose students to the engineering field of research and work. We not only want to help create an interesting and engaging environment but also to inspire the students to pursue higher education in the future in STEM.



ECE Outreach: jbbisarr@ucsd.edu

  • Lessons for music-related electronics
  • ECE198 offered Winter 2020 + Spring 2020 (TE credit available)

MAE Outreach: mae198roboticsoutreach@gmail.com

  • Middle Schools & High Schools: Sequential set of four lessons.
  • Elementary Schools: One stand-alone lesson per school.
  • Look out for sign-ups to volunteer during Winter & Spring 2020!
  • MAE198 offered Fall 2019 + Winter 2020 (TE credit available)

CSE Outreach: smansuri@ucsd.edu

  • Develop online modules on cutting-edge CS topics (AI, ML, etc.)
  • CSE199 offered Winter 2020 + Spring 2020 (TE credit available)

Hoover High School Mentorship: smt021@ucsd.edu

  • UCSD engineering student organizations collaborative effort


Current Opportunities

MAE Outreach (Winter/Spring 2020)

  • Torrey Hills Elementary School – TBD, early Jan
  • UCSD TESC Enspire – Mon, Jan 27 @TBD
  • Preuss Middle School – Tues/Thurs/Fri, Jan 28/30/31 @12:30 – 4:30 pm
  • Hoover High School – 4x Wednesday, Feb 19, 26 & March 4, 11 @12:45 – 3:30 pm
  • Interest form

CSE199 (Winter 2020)

  • Outreach material development

ECE Musical Project Development

  • Volunteers for future outreach events.