Congratulations to the Tau inducting class of the Kappa Psi chapter of IEEE-HKN!

Please join us in welcoming the following individuals into our family here at UC San Diego:


Aichen Sun

Elbert He

Michael Unanian

Albert Chang

Eswar Dhinakaran

Mohammad Alam

Alexander Ty

Fernando Jaime

Nathan Li

Annie Chen

Gannon Gesiriech

Qishan Wu

Billy Andika

Jacob Troyer

Rachel Patron

Caleb Logan

Jake Rozelle

Rui Han

Chris Galac

James Kam

Shengyao Guo

Christopher Tarangioli

Kevin Thai

Soham Jatakia

Clarence Tan

Kimberly Nguyen

Terri Tsai

Cuong Luong

Kirt Spotkaeff

Thao Truong

Curtis Mccabe

Lawrence Lee

Vincent Yeh

Dan Rajat Maheshwari

Lorenzo Page

Wassim Alsafi

Dejun Li

Lucas Tindall

Wenhao Sheng

Diego Salinas

Lung Jan

Zhuoxi Zeng


As president of the Kappa Psi chapter of IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu, it truly has been an amazing pleasure to meet all of you. It is with great honor to welcome you into our society in recognition of your achievements and the outstanding character that you all possess. You all have demonstrated the outstanding scholarship, character, and attitude we strive to cultivate in our membership, and I hope that induction into our family will allow you to not only develop yourselves academcially, technically, and professionally, but also strengthen the three traits necessary of members of IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu. We hope that you find IEEE-HKN to be a significant resource along your path towards excellence, and that your involvement with us becomes a fulfilling and rewarding experience.



Kristoffer Wilkerson

President, IEEE-HKN, Kappa Psi Chapter, 2014-2015


Welcome and Congratulations to the Tau Class!