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Nihar WahalInfo Session1Nihar
Joshua HsiehInfo session ,Honors networking ,Destresser BBQ 5Geeling,Kelly,Keshav
David Katz-MirkovichInfo Session,Interview Tips and Tricks,resume workshop,Destress BBQ,Musical Keyboard9Carl Tan,Justin,Justin,Keshav,Justin Tran
Henry WangJon info session ,bsms program,ECE Depth Workshop,Asml laser 5Carl ,Kelly,Keshav,Justin
Linda LeiInfo Session1Geeling
Ian StokesInfo session 11Carl T
Kevin Solowayinformation meeting,Game Room Social,networking,BBQ,Laser Tag9Geeling,Nihar,kelly,Nihar,Carl
Denghui ChenInfo session 1Carl Tan
Arkin GuptaHKN Info Session ,HKN Networking event,Regents Pizzeria 5Kelly,Kelly,Night Wahal
Guillermo EsparzaInfo Session (10/10/18)1Kelly
Zhaoyi LiInfo Session1Carl Tan
Meera SrinivasanInfo Meeting 1Nihar
David LarsonProspective member info session 1Kelly
Alina ChinInfo Session,Interview Tips,Honors Networking Event,Musical Keyboard Workshop8Carl Tan,Justin,Geeling,Tee
Andrew Sylvester Induction information session 1,Regents pizza social3Geeling,Nihar
Eric BrownHKN Info Session,Depth Workshop,Keyboard Workshop6Geeling,Keshav,Tee
Cameron Smithinduction overview meeting1Nihar
Yisu CangHKN info session,Depth workshop,Musical Keyboard workshop ,SolidWorks8.5Carl Tan,Neal Nguyen,Keshav,Melissa
Dan LiInfo session,Dr. Fred Harris: "A History of Radio",ASML tech talk4Geeling,kelly,Geeling
Leslie YangInduction info meeting1Nihar
Jordan WongInformational Meeting,Musical Keyboard Workshop4Kelly,Tee
Ahmed ElhosseinyFirst Info Session,Regents Pizzeria Social2.5Carl Tan,Nihar Wahal
Jacalyn LiWed Oct 10 2018 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (PDT),Networking 10/182Carl Tan,Kelly
Wesley ChengInfo Session,Interview and LinkedIn Photos,Honors Networking Event5Carl Tan,Justin,Carl Tan
Tanish JainInfo Session1Nihar
Hamish CarrInfo session 1Carl Tan
Sayan MondalInfo Session,GAMEROOM NIGHT,Python WORKSHOP 1,BBQ,Python workshop 2,Python WORKSHOP 38.5Geeling,neal,Nihar ,Neal,Jiahao,Jiahao
Ge ChangHKN - info session,Hkn network3Carl Tan,Kelly
Joseph MartinInfo Session1Carl Tan
Nicholas ChungInfo Session,Honors Networking Event,ASML tech talk3Carl Tan,Melissa,Geeling
Daniel HarnantoHKN Information Session,Musical Keyboard Workshop,ASML Presentation5Carl Tan,Keshav,Geeling
Ziyao Wuinfo session1Carl Tan
Ai-Ting HsiehInfo Session,ASML tech talk2Carl Tan,Geeling
Mark SchultzWinter Cycle Information Session 1Geeling
Nathaniel LeeHKN Info session,Gameroom night,Honors Networking night ,Destress bbq,Laser Tag,Regents pizza social night11.5Nihar,Neal,Geeling,Carl Tan,Ganesh Valliappan,Ganesh Valliappan
Duo(Cassie) YuInfo session,Musical Keyboard,Laser tag7Carl Tan,Keshav,Aaron
Vivek ArteWinter Cycle 2018-19 Information Session1Geeling
Yangsheng HuInfo session,ASML2Geeling,Geeling
Yiran WangInfo Session1Carl Tan
Gokhan Gultepeinfo session1Carl Tan
Alistair VizuetInfo Session1Nihar
Yu-Ying YehInfo Session1Carl Tan
Enzo LlorachInfo Session,Shogun Gameroom night 2.5Carl Tan,Aaron
Thiago MarbackHKN Info Session1Nihar
Adam PorterInfo Session 1,Game Room Night,ASML Laser Talk3.5Carl Tan,Geeling,Justin
Shuangcheng YangIntro session1Kelly
Nikhil PothuruInfo Session1Nihar W.
Sean KamanoInfo session,BSMS Workshop,EE Depth workshop3.5Nihar ,Kelly,Keshav
Armaghan MehrsaInfo Session,Laser Tag3Kelly,Aaron
Violet CastorInfo Session1Kelly
William GongHKN information session,Resume workshop,Interview tips,Regent pizza6Kelly,Justin,Sara,Nihar
Jeffrey YeungInfo session 10/11,Interview workshop 10/153Kelly,Justin
Huang Weihua AndrewInfo session,Pizza social night3Justin ,Samuel
Yijia YanInfo session,Network Event,BBQ,Pumpkin5.5Charlie Wu,Nihar,Neal,Neal
Zhenhao PanInfo session,ECE BS/MS info Session,Python ,Phyton session ,Python session ,Solidworks workshop7Kelly,Kelly,Nihar,Nihar,Carl Tan,Melissa
Mingxuan ZhangInfo session1Kelly
Andrew ZhaoInfo session1Charlie Wu
Amithab ArumugamHkn info session,Gameroom night social,Laser tag,Regents Pizzeria8Charlie Wu,Nihar,Ganesh Valliappan,Ganesh Valliappan
Hannah HsuInformation Session1Justin
Tianxing LiuInformation session 10/11,Game room,Networking event,Laser tag7Charlie Wu,Nihar,Kelly,Carl Tan
Sidney HuenInfo Session,Interview Tips and LinkedIn Photo,HKN Networking Night,Laser Tag (+driving),HKN EWB Solidworks Workshop9.5Justin,Sara,Carl Tan,Aaron,Keshav
Arden MaInfo Session,Honors Networking Event2.5Charlie Wu,Keshav
Hassan EidHKN info session,Destresser BBQ,ASML Tech Talk,Regents Social5Justin,Mihir,Justin,Nihar
Michael RubenackerInfo session,Interview Tips,Destresser BBQ,Solidworks Workshop7Charlie Wu,Sara,Carl Tan,Keshav
McKenna RoonanInfo session 1Kelly
Venkat RoyInfo session1Justin
Ye LinInformation Section,Regents piazza social3.5kelly,Carl Tan
Shaurya AryaIntroductory session,Networking Social2Kelly,Kelly
Shreyam NataniInfo Session,Networking Event2Kelly,Kelly
Nathan BurdickInfo session,Interview tips,Destresser BBQ,HKN-EWB Solidworks workshop7Charlie Wu,Justin,Keshav,Keshav
Zachary BabbittInfo Session,Honors Networking Event ,Regents Pizza5Kelly,Kelly,Neal
David HackerInfo session1Charlie Wu
Tejas SadarahalliInfo session,HKN networking session3Charlie Wu,Kelly
Kishore P. Venkatswammy ReddyInduction session1Charlie Wu
Anfeng XuInfo Session,Honors Networking event3Kelly,Carl Tan
Peter TonInfo Session1Charlie Wu
Pui Tim ChengInfo session 1Justin
Anh PhamInfo session1kelly
Jiachen ChenInfo session1Kelly
Harsh LalInfo session1Charlie Wu
Gregory MakiInfo Session,Depth Workshop,Networking event5.5Charlie Wu,neal nguyen,Carl Tan
Andrew GatesInfo Session1Kelly
Ruoxi LiuInfo Session,interview tips & LinkedIn photos,interview tips & LinkedIn photos5Charlie Wu,Sara,Sara
Alexander FernandezInfo session 21Kelly
Ross GreerHKN Infosession,Interview Tips and Tricks,ASML Tech Talk3Justin,Sara,Geeling
Robert DavisInfo session1Kelly
Yubai DiInduction info session,Laser tag4Charlie Wu,Melissa
Zhuowen ZouInduction,Interview Tips,Networking Event ,History of Radio Lecture ,Pizzeria 7.5Justin,Sara,Carl Tan,Kelly,Ganesh Valliappan
Sara BluminInfo Session1Justin
Arik HorodniceanuInfo session,Interview workshop2Charlie Wu,Justin
Naziha KibriaInfo session,Hkn regents pizza social3Kelly,Nihar
Manas Likhit Holekevi ChandrappaETA Kappa Intro session1Charlie Wu
Richard GarciaHKN Info Session 2,Interview Tips and Tricks,ASML Tech Talk on Laser Technology4Justin,Sara,Justin
Nitesh SekharInductee info session1Charlie Wu
Rishikanth ChandrasekaranInfo Session1Charlie Wu
Indumati SridharInductee Info Session 1Charlie Wu
Elaine Marie Ramirez UgaldeHKN Info Session,ECE Depth Workshop,Dr. Fred Harris: “A History of Radio”,HKN - Musical Keyboard Workshop,HKN Regents Pizzeria Social10.5kelly,Neal Nguyen,Kelly,Keshav,Neal Nguyen
Jyothirmayi EdaraInterview tips,Laser tag,Regents pizza6Justin ,Aaron,Nihar
Kent ThaiInterview Tips,Resume workshop,Musical Keyboard Workshop6.5Sara,Justin,Keshav
Albert LeGameroom Night,Destresser BBQ4Neal,Neal
Aravind Mahadevan Honors networking event 1Geeling
Himanshu GuptaHKN networking event2Carl tan
Shreya Satish NayakNetworking Session2Melissa
RajatCareer Fair1Kelly
Violet CastorHonors Networking Event1.5Geeling
JiMin MunHKN Honors Recruiting event 2Kelly
Carlos Nieto GrandaHonors Network Event,Coffee with officer,Bbq Destresser6Geeling,Andrew S.,Keshav
Kent ThaiInfo session1Justin Tran
Xiangjian Zeng ASML Tech Talk,Solidworks Workship3Geeling,Keshav
Bryant micah Regents pizza,Regents pizza4Nihar ,Nihar
Himanshu GuptaRegents Pizza2Neal
Felix FaganHKN & EWB Wind Up Car and Slidworks2Sara