Membership Point System

Purpose of the Point System

Active Member Recognition
The main purpose of the Point System is to provide recognition and rewards to active members.
Motivation for Participation
We hope to motivate members and initiates to participate in as many events as they can.

Eligibility & Logistics

All members and initiates are eligible for the Point System.

The only difference between members and initiates is that initiates will be qualified for rewards only when they become official members.

All HKN hosted events will have certain amount of points attached.

A few TESC events will also have points attached. However, at TESC events, you must participate on behalf of HKN.

Details on number of points will be announced on the website and via emails.

Possible Rewards

Possible rewards:


Honor Cords


Top five members with the most points will be rewarded with stoles and/or honor cords.

All members with more than 25 points will receive a reward.

The details will be updated and announced throughout the year.

Earning Points

It’s easy. Only 3 steps!

1. Come out to the events.

2. Fill in the sign-in form.

3. Enjoy the event and represent HKN!