Arduino Sequence – Workshop1 Recap

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Eta Kappa New Year, everyone!

Lots of exciting events are planed for the new quarter, one of them being the Four-workshop-sequence Arduino Workshop.


Flyer from last quarter

For those of you who are not familiar with Arduino, Arduino is a family of open-source microcontrollers that can be used for building digital devices and objects that interact with the physical world. It is great for incorporating into your next Do-It-Yourself projects!

While these boards can be purchased pre-assembled, we are holding a series of workshops in which you can build your own Arduino board from scratch! Here is a quick rundown of each workshop:

  • Workshop 1: Building your Arduino on a breadboard!
  • Workshop 2: Designing PCB for your Arduino using EAGLE!
  • Workshop 3: Soldering your Arduino components onto your PCB!
  • Workshop 4: Learning to program your Arduino!


We held our first iteration of Workshop 1 during November of the first quarter, and we had a great turnout. By the end of the workshop, many our attendees had a circuit set up that can communicate to the Arduino IDE on their computers.


2014-11-17 15.06.21

2014-11-17 14.59.49

2014-11-17 15.06.30

2014-11-17 15.44.32



Due to the limitations on supply we were not able to accommodate everyone who RSVPed (The RSVP filled up within one hour!); however, since there was a lot of demand for this workshop, we are planning to host Workshop 1 for the second time during this quarter. Stay tuned for more regarding this event!

Workshop 2 (Arduino PCB workshop) is going to be held on the Friday of Week 2, January 16th! Learn more and RSVP through the Events page!